YouTube Video SEO Tips

After you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube you can enter a title, description and tags, this is the start of your video SEO process.

Follow these tips to optimise your videos further:

  1. Include your keyword in the title,
  2. The title has around a 100 character limit however when it shows up in search people generally only see the first 50-60 characters so aim for a maximum of 50 characters
  3. Always include a link at the front of the video description going back to your website. The description is shown in search results on Google and is used to determine what keywords or phrases your video should show up for too.
  4. For tags, use your key phrase and common variants and place the keywords you want to carry the most weight first, where the keyword is more than one word enclose it in double quotes i.e.  “business software”
  5. Likes and favourites can help increase your videos ranking in search. Publishing content regularly can also help.
  6. Use video playlists
  7. Check the YouTube Insight feature for a breakdown of your stats, these statistics can tell you where you’re video is embedded, where in each video visitors are dropping off i.e. leaving which is a good way of finding out if you need to trim your videos.

Do you have a YouTube Video SEO tip?  Share it in the comments.

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