What Are AdWords Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions provide additional information about your business, for example: location, phone number and product images to name a few, this information is shown with your traditional AdWords ad. Ad extensions can encourage clicks on your ads as well as drive traffic to different landing pages.

How Do I Create Ad Extensions?

1. Whilst logged into your account you will see a tab (above the graph) named Ad Extensions, click on that tab.

Ad extensions types


2. Make sure you have selected the type of ad extension you want to create from the ‘view…’ drop down list.

list of available ad extensions

3. Next you need to click on the green +New extension button,

Create a new ad extension

4. Choose the campaign you want to add the new extension to and use the ‘select extension’ drop down box to choose an existing extension or click on ‘create new extension’ at the bottom of the list to create a new one.

5. If you are creating a new ad extension, enter the details needed (this will vary depending on the type of ad extension you choose) and click on save to add the extension to the ads in your campaign.

What Ad Extensions Are Available?

There are several ad extensions currently available for your ads, you can choose from:

  • Sitelinks – promote other pages on your site beyond your landing page.
  • Location – help nearby customers find or call your nearest shop, useful for retailers with a high street presence.
  • Call – (also known as click to call) let users connect with your business by phone.
  • Mobile App – add a link to any mobile application within an app store (Google Play or the Apple App Store) with the aim of encouraging app downloads.
  • Products – available for those with a Google Merchant account. This ad extension shows the images, titles and prices of your closest matching products with your ad.
  • Social – link peoples Google+ endorsements of your business page on Google+ to your AdWords campaign. Social extensions look the same as standard ads with +1 annotation.

Do you use AdWords ad extensions? What were the results?


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