Using Google Webmaster Tools for Mobile SEO

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor the performance of your site in mobile search.

How Well Is Your Site Being Crawled & Indexed?

Use Google Webmaster Tools to check how your site has been crawled and indexed by mobile search engines. Just go to Health > Crawl Errors and click on the ‘mobile’ tab.

Webmaster Tools mobile crawl errors

How is Googlebot Mobile Accessing Your Pages?

Whilst your in Webmaster Tools you can also go to Health > Fetch as Googlebot and select the smartphone option from the menu to verify how Googlebot mobile is accessing your site pages.

Webmaster Tools Fetch as Googlebot

What Keywords Are Mobile Visitors Using?

To find the search queries used by mobile visitors fo to the ‘Traffic’ menu and use the ‘filters’ drop down to segment by mobile search.

Webmaster Tools mobile search queries

Bonus Mobile SEO Tips

Use mobile phone emulators such as Opera Mobile Emulator ( to confirm how your site is seen from mobile devices. Is the content displayed correctly and usable? Is your most important information above the fold?

Use the User Agent Switcher (, a FireFox extension, to check how your pages are showing in Google mobile search results. This can tell you how the title’s URLs and descriptions display in mobile results, your mobile search rankings, and the relevancy of the mobile competition who are ranking for the keywords.

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