Useful Google Analytics Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know Google Analytics has its own keyboard shortcuts to help you complete a whole range of actions whilst logged into your account? Let’s take a closer look:


? – Opens the keyboard shortcut help
 h – Search help centre, automatically takes you the help centre search box available at the bottom of the left hand profile navigation menu.
a – Open account panel, the accounts list will drop down allowing you to move between accounts and profiles.
<shift> + a – Go to accounts list, if you use this shortcut whilst in a profile for example you will be taken back to the full accounts list page (not just the drop down menu as above).
s / - search reports
<shift> + d – go to the default dashboard of the profile your currently in.

Date Range

d t – sets the date range to today.
d y – sets the date range to yesterday.
d w – sets the date range to last week.
d m – sets the date range to alst month
d c – Toggle date comparison mode (previous period)
d x – Toggle date comparison mode (previous year)