The Benefits of Using AdWords Scripts

I’ve just started using AdWords scripts to automate reporting and have been very impressed, they provide programmatic access to your AdWords account through JavaScript so some programming knowledge is essential.

Benefits of using AdWords scripts include:

  • You can automate a script, and have it scheduled to run once, hourly, weekly or monthly
  • AdWords scripts work with Google spreadsheets, allowing you to send data to the spreadsheet
  • You can use them to set up and manage AdWords entities such as Ad Params and Labels
  • You can create customiseable Google spreadsheet reports, with colours and graphs, and have them emailed directly to your clients.
  • Fetch a feed inside a script and make campaign management decisions based on its content

Adding an AdWords script

To create an AdWords script just go to the ‘Bulk Operations’ menu option, you can find it underneath your online campaigns and shared library (see screenshot below) and click on the ‘+create script’ button.

Creating an AdWords Script
On the next screen you need to start creating your script, name it, save it then just authorize it to access your account so it can retrieve the data and then preview it.


Go Bigger, Faster, with AdWords Scripts

A useful webinar If you have some basic programming knowledge and want to know more about AdWords Scripts.

A Collection of Useful AdWords Scripts

  1. Track Quality Score on Account, Campaign & Ad Group Level – This is a nice little script, I have just started using myself, I stumbled a little trying to implement it (I am new to AdWords Scripts) but the support I received from Joel at Deep Footprints was great.
  2. Ad Performance Report - Output ad performance data into a Google spreadsheet
  3. Keyword Performance Report - See keyword performance data in a Google spreadsheet

Are you using AdWords Scripts?  Can you recommend a script?  Use the comments to share.

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