Setting Up AdWords Conversion Tracking

Have you set up any conversion tracking for AdWords? Conversion tracking allows you to see how many times someone who clicked on one of your ads converted on your website i.e. completed a contact form or went through the information basket to download a document.

You can add AdWords conversion tracking by following these steps:

  1. Within AdWords click on the reporting tab in the green bar across the top of the account, then click on conversions
  2. On the new screen click on the ‘+ new conversion’ button
  3. Give the action a name e.g. completed contact form or document download, and select a ‘tracking purpose’ from the drop down list. Click on the ‘save and continue’ button
  4. You should now be on the coda settings page, click on the ‘save and get code’ button
  5. Scroll down and copy the conversion tracking code from the text box, you might want to paste it into a notepad document for safe keeping because now you need to add the code to the website (don’t worry it’s very easy).
  6. You will need to add the conversion tracking code to the thank you pages of your forms to track actions such as contact form submissions and checkouts.

Do you use AdWords conversion tracking?

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