Promote Your App Using New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google recently launched new enhanced campaigns, I recently wrote a post about the upgraded Sitelinks feature available with these campaigns, but, did you know you can also target your mobile apps with the new ‘app/ digital download’ ad type?

I created my first app / digital download ads last week, and here’s how I did it…

  1. I created new ‘enhanced’ campaign for the new ad type (I wanted to keep this new ad type separate to my other campaigns, which are also currently largely still ‘legacy’ campaigns not enhanced)
  2. In the ‘ads’ tab I clicked on ‘+ New ad’ and selected the ‘app / digital content’ option.
  3. At this point I selected ‘App promotion ad’App promotion
  4. I chose my app platform, there’s a choice of either iOS or Android – Google will append the platform name to the ad directly beneath the headline, for example ‘Download from iTunes’.
    Creating an AdWords App ad
  5. I entered the app name into the ‘package name field’ but you can also use the app ID, click on ‘Look up app’, the app showed up in a small pop up box next to the package name field – for me there was only one option but you may need to go through a list to find yours.Once I’d found my app and entered the ad text, I just clicked on ‘save’ and that’s it, I’d created my first ‘app / digital download’ ad.

Wait, but what about conversion tracking?!…

I’m glad you asked! I wasn’t entirely sure how this would work, or if it would be possible to track a conversion for these ads as they don’t send traffic to your website like a standard text ad.

After doing a little research, I found that there is a conversion type specific to these ads called ‘App download’, this tracks downloads of your application specific to your campaign.

If you are tracking app downloads from Google Play you wont need to add a code snippet, just follow these steps:

  1. go to the ‘Tools and Analysis’ menu and click on ‘Conversions’.
  2. Click on the ‘+Conversion’ button.
  3. Give your conversion a name you’ll recognise, select ‘App download’ and then Click on ‘save and continue’
  4. Enter your package name, if you’re not sure what it is just go to Google Play, look up your app and it’s the base of the URL that tells you your application name i.e.<package_name>Tracking App downloads
  5. Click on ‘save and continue’ and on the next screen click ‘Done’.

Your app conversions data will start showing up within 24 hours.

NOTE: It’s also possible to track iOS app downloads, the option will be available when you set up your mobile app download conversion, however it requires you to download and import an SDK into your Xcode project as well as adding code to your application.

Are you running app download ads? What do you think?


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