Organise Campaigns, Easily Filter & Report on Key Data Using Labels for AdWords

What are AdWords Labels?

AdWords labels is a new feature which allows you to organise your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords by keyword classifications, this in turn allows you to easily filter and report on the data that interests you. As I mentioned Labels can be applied to keywords, campaigns, ad groups and ads, Google explains:

The diagram below illustrates how you can use labels to gauge the performance of custom categories across your account. In this example, you’ve applied two labels, “Favorite” and “Brand” to different elements in your account. It’s important to know that labels aren’t inherited down throughout the campaign. This means that if you apply a label to a campaign, the label only applies to that campaign, not the ad groups and keywords that are within that campaign. If you want a label to apply to an ad group or individual keyword as well, you’ll need to specifically apply the label to each.”


AdWords Labels

AdWords Labels


How to Use Labels

If you can’t see a labels column in your AdWords account, follow these steps to activate it:

  1. go to the ‘columns’ button,
  2. click on ‘customize columns’,
  3. pick ‘Attributes’ from the left hand menu (list of b lue links),
  4. click on ‘Add’ found to the right of the ‘Labels’ item in the list and then
  5. click on the blue ‘Apply’ button at the bottom of the list to add the column to your account.

Applying a Label to a Keyword

Select the check box to the left of the keyword, the ‘labels’ button above the keyword list should then activate.

AdWords labels button

Labels optionsClick on the labels button and you will see a drop down menu, you can:

  • search for existing labels,
  • see a list of labels which already exist in the account (available for you to choose from underneath the search field – see ‘brand’ option in the screenshot to the left) or;
  • you can choose to ‘manage labels’.

You can apply a label you have created to a keyword by clicking on the check box next to the keyword and using the labels button to find and apply a label (see screenshot).

If you choose to ‘manage labels’ you will be taken to a screen with a list of all the labels associated with your account where you can add /delete labels as well as view reports. You can also reach this screen via the main menu to the left (where your ‘All Online Campaigns’ is menu option is located), labels is at the bottom of the list.

Have you used AdWords Labels? Share your tips in the comments.

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