On Page SEO

Learn the basics of on page SEO in 2013.

  1. Make sure the content is of good quality, unique and useful to the visitor.
  2. Use keyword at least 4 times in the body copy.  Use keywords in your content as naturally as possible, do not overuse them.
  1. Update the title to include the new target keyword, ideally near the start of the title, keep the title to a maximum of 65 characters.
  2. If appropriate (i.e. it reads well to a visitor, and doesn’t appear to have been stuffed in) use the keyword in the H1 tag.
  3. Search engines are believed to have a slight preference for pages that use keyword phrases in bold or italic, try doing this with the pages keyword.
  4. Use the keyword in the metadescription; this can give the tag a better chance of being used as the pages snippet in search results.Avoid over use, employ the term at least once but no more than 3 times in the metadescription tag (but only use more than once if it is appropriate, and doesn’t make the description difficult to read).The metadescription tag is not used for ranking but can be used to encourage click through’s from the search results, make it relevant and enticing.  Keep the metadescription down to a maximum of 156 characters.
  5. Consider using the keyword in image ALT tags where relevant.

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