New Sitelinks Features Available in Enhanced Campaigns

I recently updated one of my AdWords campaigns to an ‘enhanced campaign’ which came with the added benefit of new features for the sitelinks associated with it. If you’re new to AdWords, Sitelinks are ad extensions which allow you to include additional links to your standard ad text they appear directly beneath your ad in the search results and can look like this:

AdWords Sitelinks

There are several different types of ad extension, to find out more read: ‘What are AdWords Ad Extensions?

So, What are the New Sitelinks Features?

The key changes are:

  1. Reporting – whereas previously all the Sitelinks were grouped together for reporting, each Sitelink now has its own statistics, anyone who knows me knows I am completely obsessed with tracking performance so for me this new feature is like Christmas has come early!However, the Sitelinks report data shows the number of clicks that occurred on any part of your ad, every time an individual Sitelink appeared.

    TIP: To find out the individual number of clicks which happened on the individual Sitelink versus another part of the ad such as headline, other Sitelinks etc. try segmenting your statistics using “This Extension vs. Other” in the segment drop down list.

    sitelink segmentation and reporting

  2. Sitelinks can now be set at ad group level, previously that could only be done at campaign level.
  3. You can add a mobile preference for individual Sitelinks as well as schedule them to only show during certain hours, just click on the ‘edit’ text next to your Sitelinks and then click on the little pencil icon to the right of the Sitelink you want to change and select ‘edit’, from there you will get a screen which looks like this:edit_sitelink

    Clicking on ‘+ Create custom schedule’ will provide you with options for scheduling by day of the week and hour of the day.

  4. You can edit your site link without resetting its performance statistics.


 Have you upgraded to the new enhanced Sitelinks?  What do you think?

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