Keyword Research Tips

Need to do your keyword research but fed up with not provided keywords in your Google Analytics reports? Let’s take a look at a few potential sources of keyword data.

Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics

If you haven’t already done so set up a webmaster tools account, and connect it to Analytics.

Look at the data you can get in your Google Analytics reports from webmaster tools, try and find terms which average quite high in the results but don’t deliver clicks, how can you optimise title and description tags to encourage click through’s from those results?

Set up an advanced segment in Google Analytics to report on the volume of not provided keywords – is it an upward trend? Approximately what percentage of your keywords are not provided

Google AdWords

One way of getting more keyword information is to set up a new campaign in your AdWords account to test out new keywords for your landing pages, use the data to find potential traffic figures (impressions), clicks (test messaging), and site performance of those keywords (visit duration, bounce rate, conversions etc., if these are poor take a look at your content, is it helpful? Is it closely related to your ads? Have you thought about using content experiments in Analytics to test new content and page layouts?

Bonus Tip: Use AdWords Labels

Create AdWords Labels in your account to label keywords as organic term tests, you could also categorise your keywords as informational, navigational and transactional then pull out a report on those groups of keywords…which ones perform best for you? Depending on your objectives are they a success of they send lots of traffic? Or is your key goal to gain conversions? Are you spending a lot of money on one keyword intent group but not seeing conversions?

How do you identify your keywords? What tools do you use?

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