Keyword Research for Mobile SEO

Need to research keywords for mobile traffic, but not sure where to start? Lets take a look at a few simple examples…

Use Your Google Analytics Data!

Analytics mobile advanced segments

Segment by mobile and tablet traffic, there are already default segments for this in Analytics. Take a look at the keywords being used by mobile visitors, are they long tail? Short tail? Do they include ‘local’ search terms such as brand + your country?





Use Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools mobile search queries

If you have a webmaster tools account you can find mobile search queries used by visitors to your site using the filters drop down, go to Traffic > Search Queries and select ‘Mobile’.




Use Google’s Own Keyword Tool

To research mobile keyword search volumes, just select ‘mobile devices’ in the ‘Show Ideas and Statistics for’ drop down list to refine the results by mobile traffic.

adwords keyword tool for mobile


What tools do you use for mobile keyword research?

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