IonSearch Conference 2013

I’m very lucky to be going to the IonSearch conference again this year, last years (2012) was the first time the event had been held and it proved to be a great experience.

As an in-house online marketer I am entirely self taught, I started out with my current employer as a Web Administrator and gradually took on more and more SEO / SEM work until finally moving into a full time search marketing role about 3 years ago.

Thats about 5 and a half years of self taught SEO and PPC experience, without anyone else to learn from, which is a great way to start but also means I often wondered if I was missing a trick.  Did an agency based SEO know more?  Did someone who had the opportunity to work with a more experienced SEO/SEM specialist have more knowledge or better skills? and would I get to the conference and not have a clue what everyone was talking about?

Thankfully none of that proved to be true, the conference was a great experience for me as it gave me chance to meet other SEO professionals, learn some new skills and confirm that being self taught is not at all a disadvantage and does not mean you know less than other SEO professionals.

So, when I found out the conference was happening again this year I jumped at the chance to go again, even better this year its over 2 days instead of a single day.  There are some great speakers / companies lined up including:

  • Andrew Girdwood, Media Innovations Director at LBI
  • Andrew Dumont, Head of Business Development at SEOmoz
  • Martin MacDonald, Inbound Marketing Director at Expedia
  • Tim Grice, Head of Search at Branded3
  • David Harling, Head of SEO at Razorfish
  • Jeremy Waite, Head of Social Strategy at Adobe EMEA

Find out more about the IonSearch Conference 2013

Are you going to IonSearch 2013?  What sessions are you planning on attending?

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