Google Tag Manager Technical Implementation Webinar

What is the Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is a free tool which allows you to easily manage your website tags, tags are used in website tracking and marketing optimisation. The tag manager allows you to add and update Google AdWords, Analytics, Floodlight and non-Google tags without having to edit and change your websites code.

The benefits of using Google Tag Manager include:

  • Add, update and remove tags without changing your sites HTML, handy if you aren’t familiar with website code.
  • Tags are fired asynchronously, which will help with your website load speed.
  • There are workflow tools so you can see if your tags are working as intended.
  • Easily see which tags are being fired on your site and where from.

Watch the Google Tag Manager Technical Implementation Webinar from Google

There are loads more videos available on the Google Analytics YouTube Channel.

Are you using the Tag Manager?  Do you find it easier to manage tags through the tool? or Manually via your websites code?


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