Connect Google Webmaster Tools to Analytics & Gain New SEO Reports

Did you know you can connect your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts? Once they are connected you can get access to lots of really useful SEO reports inside Google Analytics, including:

  • the search queries used to find your site in the search engine results pages (SERPS), their average position, Click Through Rate (CTR) and number of clicks.
  • the top landing pages for your site, including the number of impressions and clicks for the top 1,000 pages of your site, their average position and CTR.
  • a geographical summary showing impressions, clicks and CTR by country.
  • Google property report, this shows you impression, click and CTR data for web, image and mobile and video search results

How to Connect Webmaster Tools and Analytics Account

Ok, first things first, go to your Google Analytics account and log in, next…

1. Go to the traffic sources menu, click on the ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ menu option.  To start the process of adding your account just click on the ‘Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing’ button.
Connecting Google ANalytics and Webmaster Tools

2. You will now be on the edit property settings page, scroll down to the ‘Webmaster Tools Settings’ options and click on edit.

3. On the next screen, ‘Enable Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics’, select your webmaster tools site by clicking on the radio button next to it and then click on ‘save’. A message window will appear asking you to confirm the new association, click on ‘ok’.

enable Google Webmaster Tools

4. You will be taken back to the property settings page, if your account has more then one profile in it you can select which profiles you want the webmaster tools data applied to, once you are happy with your selections click on ‘Apply’.

Connect Google Analytics via Webmaster Tools

If you’d prefer, you can connect the two accounts via the webmaster tools interface. On the Webmaster Tools home page click on ‘Manage site’ next to the site you want to use and click ‘Google Analytics property’ next just choose the website property you want to associate with the webmaster tools account and click on ‘Save’.

You will need admin access to both accounts, under the same log in details, to connect the accounts.

Have you connected your accounts? What do you think of the Search Engine Optimisation reports?

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