Organise Campaigns, Easily Filter & Report on Key Data Using Labels for AdWords

What are AdWords Labels?

AdWords labels is a new feature which allows you to organise your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords by keyword classifications, this in turn allows you to easily filter and report on the data that interests you. As I mentioned Labels can be applied to keywords, campaigns, ad groups and ads, Google explains:

The diagram below illustrates how you can use labels to gauge the performance of custom categories across your account. In this example, you’ve applied two labels, “Favorite” and “Brand” to different elements in your account. It’s important to know that labels aren’t inherited down throughout the campaign. This means that if you apply a label to a campaign, the label only applies to that campaign, not the ad groups and keywords that are within that campaign. If you want a label to apply to an ad group or individual keyword as well, you’ll need to specifically apply the label to each.”


AdWords Labels

AdWords Labels


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Passing the Google AdWords Individual Qualification

I am very pleased to have passed both the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam and the Search Advertising Advanced exam in October 2012 to remain a qualified Google AdWords Professional (see my Individual Google Certification Program Profile).

The exams are designed to demonstrate proficiency in AdWords account management and you must pass 2 exams to become qualified, which cost $50 each.

Everyone who wants to gain the qualification must take and pass the Fundamentals exam plus one advanced, there are 3 advanced exams to choose from:

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Google Tag Manager Technical Implementation Webinar

What is the Tag Manager?

Google tag manager is a free tool which allows you to easily manage your website tags, tags are used in website tracking and marketing optimisation. The tag manager allows you to add and update Google AdWords, Analytics, Floodlight and non-Google tags without having to edit and change your websites code.

The benefits of using Google Tag Manager include:

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New Sitelinks Features Available in Enhanced Campaigns

I recently updated one of my AdWords campaigns to an ‘enhanced campaign’ which came with the added benefit of new features for the sitelinks associated with it. If you’re new to AdWords, Sitelinks are ad extensions which allow you to include additional links to your standard ad text they appear directly beneath your ad in the search results and can look like this:

AdWords Sitelinks

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