Bing – 18 Things you need to know about SEO

The Bing webmaster blog posted a list of 18 things you need to know about SEO, lets take a look at the list:

    1. Crawlability – the ability for crawlers to access your content, without this you’re site wont be indexed or ranked.
    2. Site Structure – Improve your site structure by using an HTML sitemap and linking to trusted sources both within your site and outside of it.
    3. Content Hierarchy – Do basic keyword and avoid content in rich media such as Flash and Silverlight.
    4. On-Page Factors – Keep title tags short (about 65 characters) and unique to each page, inlcuding the keyword you’re targeting near the beginning of the title. include the keyword phrase in your metadecription. Produce useful, unique content on each page.
    5. Content Production – Create compelling, unique content.
    6. Link Building – when creating backlinks try to get the keywords your targeting in the anchor text of the link back to your website. Always create backlinks which are from high quality, relevant websites.
    7. Things We Love – things Bing likes to see websites doing:-

· RSS Feeds
· Mark it up – see
· Wonderful UX – websites with good usability
· Social Love – Get involved with social media!

And the things you should avoid?

· Cloaking
· Link buying
· Link farms
· Like farms
· Three-way linking
· Duplicating content
· Auto-follows in social media
· The thin content approach

See the full article:

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