April Fools Day 2013 Around the Web

Its April Fools day which means there’s a whole world of pranks and jokes happening all over the web, here’s a rundown of some of the best I’ve seen so far…

YouTube Closes Down

Google thanked everyone for their submissions and announced that the popular video service was shutting down saying:

“Nearly eight years later, with 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute, we finally have enough content to close the competition. We’ve started the process to select a winner and as of tomorrow at midnight, we will be closing the site to submissions.”

Find Treasure with Google Maps

The Google Maps Street View team have found a long lost treasure map belonging to William ‘Captain’ Kidd, can you help decipher the symbols and find the treasure?

Chrome Multitask Mode

Who isn’t tired of having just one mouse slowing them down?  Browse the web with multiple cursors, at the same time, and get more done faster.  Watch the video from Google and find out more.


Google Nose – The New Scentsation in Search

Street sense vehicles have been very busy inhaling and indexing millions of smells equaling 15m+ scentibytes of data in the aromabase.  Have you tried the new Google Nose scent search?

Introducing Twttr

Twitter have launched a new two tier service, with the new basic service you can only use consonants but for just £5 a month you can use the full ‘premium’ service allowing you to use vowels.

Sony Announces Animalia

Sony launches a new line of technology products specifically designed for your pets, including the k9 4k TV and in-cage speakers!

What are your favourite April Fools Day pranks from around the web?


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