Who is JustVicky?

I am an in-house SEO/SEM Specialist working in the B2B sector…and now a novice blogger (hints and tips are always welcome!).

I optimise websites to improve user experience, rank in the search engines, increase number of visitors and increase number of conversions, I also manage paid search accounts in both AdWords and Bing and I have passed exams to become an AdWords Qualified Individual and Bing Ads Accredited Professional.  I’ve worked in online marketing for over 5 years and this blog is my attempt to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained as well as learn.

My approach to SEO is entirely white hat and I believe in putting in the work to support a website and improve its performance in the long term, I think its great that search engines like Google are starting to place more importance on quality of content for ranking websites.

Search engine marketing is a great industry to work in, the people are friendly and helpful, the work is rewarding and its constantly changing / evolving…its impossible to be bored working in such a dynamic and constantly changing industry.

Why call the blog justvicky?  Well, I already tweet from the @just_vicky twitter account and this blog IS ‘justvicky’, its not an agency blog, its not a blog for my employer – its just me….justvicky!

You can find me on…